Kiddions Mod Menu, GTA V, Best Hack ever, Latest

Kiddons Mod menu
Kiddons Mod menu
GTA V Kiddons Mod menu

GTA V Latest Kiddions Mod Menu, Best Free Undetectable hack ever made?

Kiddions Mod menu is on a boom right now on the internet among the GTA V fans, as soon as this hack get a new update people started rushing towards the open source hacking websites just to download and use its new update, so you can determine now how much popular this hack actually is.

It is one of the best working GTA V Free hack with a lot of features and security features. People call it the best hack ever made for GTA V just because how secure it actually is. This hack can literally bypass the anticheat system of the game and you won’t ever get caught while using it.

So, just because of these features this hack is way ahead of all other free Mod menu hacks for GTA V. Also, we test every single game hack a lot of times before upload it, when the hack gets green card from our testing team then we upload it. So, you don’t have to worry about getting ban or something.

However, every single hack is tested multiple times but still we don’t advise you to go straight and use them on your main account. Some hacks, When they get outdated may cause trouble and can get you a ban. So, you have to take care of that before using it. Use and test it on your alternate account first, then go with the main one.

Information about Kiddions Mod Menu

Hack TypeGTA V Mod Menu
Last Updated06-09-2021

Features of this Hack

  1. Free RP
  2. Car Spawn
  3. God mode
  4. Weapon Spawn
  5. High Jump
  6. Antiban Mode
  7. Money hack


  1. F5- Open/Close Menu
  2. Num 8- Navigate Up
  3. Numpad 2- Navigate Down
  4. Num 4- Left
  5. Num 6- Right
  6. Select- Numpad 5

How to Install Kiddions Mod Menu hack?

  1. Download all the hack files from the given link.
  2. Extract them in a new folder, password is 123.
  3. Open GTA 5 and wait for loading
  4. Minimize the game and run the hack file.
  5. Skip the Disclaimer and enter the game and press F5 to activate.


How to Download GTA V Kiddion Mod menu hack?

To download this hack, click on the download button below and complete some basic tasks on linkvertise and get the file.

That’s it for this article guys, bookmark this page for future updates of this hack.

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