Orisis NEPS Hack
Orisis NEPS Hack

CSGO ESP Hack, Orisis NEPS Legit hack,Antiban

Orisis NEPS Hack
Orisis NEPS Hack

CSGO ESP Hack, Ultra Lite Orisis cheat, Triggerbot [Safe to Use]

Hey cheaters, we are here again with a latest Csgo ESP hack, literally this hack is much more legit than you can imagine.

This hack is the Lite and advance verison of the old csgo Orisis hack, also this hack contain a lot of new features than the previous one.

I am personally testing this hack from like 3 days and trust me this one is the most legit free hack ever made for Csgo, if you want do to cheating safely then you will definitley love it.

This cheat was last updated on: 19/07/2021

We don’t own this hack, it is public and developed by: degeneratehyperbola

Now, lets discuss about the Csgo Orisis light version in details.


This post is for educational purpose only, we are not responsible for anything.

About Orisis Light hack

This hack is very easy and safe to use, also it works pretty fine, so you can even use this hack on low end pc you won’t face any lags or bugs, it is specially desgined for low end pc that can barely give 40 fps.

Orisis Ultra Light Hack features-

  • CSGO Wallhack
  • CSGO Legit Aimbot
  • Antiban
  • Triggerbot CSGO
  • Backtrack mode
  • Skin Changer
  • Hvh
  • Spinbot CSGO
  • One Tap

Extra Features Orisis NEPS hack

  • Csgo Anticheat bypass mode.
  • Csgo Weapon skin changer.

How to Install Csgo free hack?

  • Download and extract all files from below
  • Download any free Dll injector
  • Open the game and minimize it
  • Open injector and select hack dll file and inject it
  • Go back to game and press INSERT to active hack menu.

How to download Csgo esp hack?

To download CSGO Free Hack, Click on the Download button below.

What is Csgo Legit hack?

It literally means a hack which in undetectable by the anticheat and allow you to play in a legit way, people can’t even notice that you are hacking so you won’t get reported.

That’s it for the thread guys.