Among Us Always Impostor Hack, Mod menu (New)

Among us always impostor hack
Mod menu

Among Us Always impostor Hack, Menu, Anti-ban, Latest [Working]

Hey peoples, we are here with the all-time best Among Us always impostor hack, this hack is legit and absolutely safe, also it has a mod menu that contains almost all features that you must be looking for.

This free hack is the best and the most viewed hack on our website and on the internet too, just because of its simple UI and simple steps to install. It became the beast as compared to other public hacks among us.

This hack can literally make you spawn as an impostor, every time you use it and also you can check who is the second or third impostor and can team up with them to kill all.

Always impostor hack have all types of features, the best one is that you can kill someone and your kill Cool downtime will be zero just after killing someone. This means you can finish the game in just 1-2 mins if everyone is around you.

Also, you can move pretty fast around the map, you can pass the walls too, it’s just like going through Vents in the game but in a new style lol.

This free hack can literally give you infinite sabotages so you can just sabotage every time to distract enemies and can kill.

Among Us is in trend right now, also this game is new on steam therefore it does not have a good anti-cheat system, so you can hack easily without getting detected. Also, we update this hack after 2-3 days so stay tuned.

I am personally using this hack trust me guys this hack is insane, also I didn’t get caught 😛

Info About this hack

VersionLatest 2.1
TypeAmong us Always impostor mod
Last Updated28-01-2022

Among Us Mod menu features [Safe]

  • Among us Wall hack
  • Kill CD reset
  • Force Impostor spawn ~Iconic~
  • Unlimited Sabotage
  • Unlock all items, pets, skins
  • Infinite Range
  • Kill Impostor xD

What is Among us Esp hack?

Esp stands for extra sensory perception, it allows you to see all the players wheather it is a impostor or crewmate throughout the wall, this hack is really cool in itself, therefore you will definitely dominate every single game.

ESP in the TPP games and 2D games are different, in TPP games you can see through walls but in 2D there will be an antenna on the top of all enemies connecting to a point.

By this feature you can see everyone on your map too, so you can eaily move to them and kill them and move back yo your position very easily.

ESP hacks are not detectable in games like among us because this game is quite different from other shooting games, that’s why it is undetectable. Also, the anticheat system of among us is very poor so you can bypass it very easy by this free hack.

These hacks are on very huge demand beacuse everyone want to win the game and be cool, but don’t worr about that, here you will find all kinds of Among us hack, check it out once.

What is Among us Always Impostor hack feature?

This feature allows you to spawn as impostor in every single game, but to do that you must be the host of the lobby.

Host a lobby by yourself, invite your buddies, dominate, and have fun.

What is Among us kill CD hack?

It will allow you to reset you kill cool down time after every single kill you did. So you can kill as much as you want and have fun.

Just make sure you don’t kill when someone is near, in order to not get caught kill sneakily.

This Kill CD hack is a little risky to use, like people know what the CD time for kill is. If you started killing very often then you will be notice and may get kicked. So use it smartly its upto you boi.

What is Among us Radar hack?

Radar hack enables you to see every single player on your mini map, so you can have a better view for every player, and can predict their role.

Radar hacks are very helpful, by using radar hacks you can spot enemy on map and can have better view. This hack is very helpful to take kills because you will get all position of every players.

This hack is undetectable and very easy to use, we have given a lot of instructions below, just follow them.

What is Kill Impostor hack Among us?

This hack can literally allow you to kill all impostors of the game. Imagine you spawned as a crewmate but with superpowers to kill impostor. That means, no more fear from dying or getting killed, you are immortal lol.

Just don’t run from impostors now, take a fight back you are immortal you got some powers, buffed crewmate.

How to install Among Us Always Impostor hack?

  1. Download all hack files from link below, Zip Pass- 123
  2. Run the cheat file named GodMode V18 amongus 9.22s.exe.
  3. Run Among Us, the hack will inject automatically
  4. Now, select hack options on menu.
  5. Enjoy the hack.

How to Download Among Us Impostor free hack?

To download Among us Impostor hack for free, click on the download button below and your downloading will be started.

Also, We have some latest free hacks for other popular games too, If in case you are interested you can check them out too.

About hack-

This free hack contain hack menu with a lot of features, also it is quite easy to install so don’t worry about anything.

Reasons why you should use this Always impostor hack-

  1. This hack is the best Mod menu hack ever made for among us.
  2. It is easy to install just run the cheat exe file, other hacks  works on dll injecting method.
  3. You can always be impostor and win every single game.
  4. Allows you to see all impostors, so you can vote and kick them.

Why Always impostor hack is safe?

The developer has designed this hack in such a way that it is undetectable and can easily bypass game anticheat system without any issue.


This article is for educational purpose only, please don’t ruin the experience of other players.

That’s it for the thread guys, bookmark this page for future updates.

  1. just wanna be impostor for once… i have to play 80 games just to get impostor but then everyone leaves or i get randomly voted, imma try not to overuse it

  2. It's because of your slow network connection, refresh your page or use different browser, check at bottom there is blue download button click on that

  3. "its too easy" probably cause u didnt even download it, the thing has unskippable tasks and weird bullshit, stuff like "activate notifications" these dont actually work, if u activate them its still gonna say u didnt, and sometimes it even says "please disable adblock" even if i have adblock completely uninstalled

  4. я не понимаю как его установить
    я нажимаю скачать пишет : ваш файл скачается через 40 секунд,они проходят а дальше меня прекидывает на сайт и вот там то сама проблема,я не понимаю куда нажимать что-бы скачать его

  5. It is undetectable but.. try other hacks .. click 'Among us hack' label on website and download the Among us Covid-19 mode this one is latest

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